About Our Ministers

Rev. Stu Smith

Stu was raised in the Presbyterian Church. Along his Spiritual journey, he has explored a variety of Christian denominations, including several years in the charismatic movement, where he served as Youth Minister at Melody Land Christian Center, and at Acts Christian Chapel. Stu first came to Christ Church Unity in the Spring of 1992. During that morning’s sermon, Revered Mario de Ferrari proclaimed, “Your religion is none of my business.” Stu immediately knew he had found his spiritual home. That feeling was affirmed by Mario’s frequent invitation to, “Take what you like and leave the rest.”

Since that time, Stu has served as a Lay Minister, including as Director; served on the Board of Directors, as Trustee, Treasurer and President; and, most recently, on CCU’s Ecclesiastical Council, as Minister of Praise and Worship. Through the years, Stu has been a frequent speaker and teacher at CCU, and has regularly shared his musical offerings of song. Stu was ordained in May of 2018 and assumed the position of head minister in August.

Mario De Ferrari, Minister Emeritus

Mario was born in the Dominican Republic has traveled the world, been in the diplomatic service and owned his own business. He has retired from CCU after 30+ years as a Unity Minister and occasionally teaches a class most recently “The Way of Mastery”.